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12034 Silk Dupioni Reversible Car Coat

: $895.00

This fabric has become an essential for our collection. It is the most wonderful fabric for evening, and yet depending on the style can be worn in the day as well. These yarns are the same as in the silk plaid shirts and the solid Dupioni jackets and tops. The yarn is dyed to our specifications in India and woven there so that the fabric has some variation in width of the yarn, giving it hand loomed effect. Some of the colors are woven with a different color in the warp (the vertical yarns on the loom) and different colors in the weft (the horizontal yarns on the loom) thus giving the fabric the iridescent look. The yarn takes color brilliantly and the sheen of the silk is most evident in this type of yarn. This fabric is light weight, does not wrinkle easily and is great for travel, so it is the perfect fabric to take to a wedding, cruise or evening event. We also like it worn for casual evening events over the equestrian cotton Capri’s or jeggings in black or white as a great statement. Silk fabrics are a treasure.

This is a wardrobe staple - one that you will go to time and time again. The iridescent look of this fabric is so regal - it really is gorgeous and we think it’s an essential for every closet. It's a great 3/4 length, great for travel and completely reversible. 

Delivery is standard 4 weeks.


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