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13222 Cotton Pique Metro Jacket

: $850.00
Sale Price: $427.13
You Save: $422.87 (50 %)

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Swiss cotton is still the best in the world and this is from the best factory in the world for cottons for jacket and shirting weights. It is the best fabric for travel and long days, as it just never shows wrinkles and is very comfortable in all temperatures. It is a traditional pique and has a soft hand so that it feels wonderful. It is amazingly resistant to wrinkles and always looks crisp. This fabric is so fine it is great for a luncheon, dinner at the club, a day wedding or long flights on an airplane. We have new colors that we have never done before in the Swiss Cotton pique and that are bestselling colors: Deep Azure, Orchid (which has been very difficult to dye in this type of fabric) and Silk Red!

Since this is the perfect fabric for business or public speaking in the summer, we decided to give you a button jacket in the Swiss Pique. This is a great option for a buttoned jacket, which also looks great worn open. . The Metro style is so versatile. This can go anywhere and will be fresh at the end of the day and nothing is more comfortable than cotton.

Please note: Delivery for this item is 4 weeks.


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