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14140 Lightweight Merino Wool Basketweave Zip Metro Jacket

: $850.00
Sale Price: $427.13
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This fabric has now become an essential for us each fall - it is a fine super Merino wool and is so lightweight it can be worn in all climates and regions. The fabric is made by the same mill in Biella, Italy (near Lake Como) as our Tropical Wool. The texture and the special finishing that this mill uses also makes this fabric very wrinkle resistant. Merino wool is from a special sheep that originated in Portugal and has been known for centuries for the fine silky quality of its yarn. It was highly prized by the Medicis. This fabric can be worn until the weather is quite hot. For some areas, it is a fabric that can be worn 3 out of 4 seasons. This fabric is perfect for TV, speeches and corporate meetings. This is also a great fabric for the theater or less formal evening events. This is a great alternative to the Double face wool crepe. It is also great given the fact that it is so lightweight, it packs easily and takes up no room in a suitcase - so it can always be an extra piece on a trip.

This is the perfect suit jacket – it is very clean and sophisticated and would look great at any business meeting, luncheon, and dinner or for a more casual occasion. This is truly a new suiting option and is in the bestselling metro length with a lower collar height. This can be worn to the office, or out for an evening dinner.



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